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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 9, 2012 2:00am-3:00am EST

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tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. eastern for our show. there is an open thread, tell us what you think about the clip and keep it here on fox news channel. good night from washington, d.c.. . them. like to hear what they say. >> eric: hello, everybody. i'm eric bolling with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, dana perino, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: don't worry. we'll get to legalizing pot for recreational use story in a minute. hang tight. but first, 1460 days until the 2016 election. just kidding. but we did think it would be interesting to see and hear how some of america's trusted opinion makers reacted to four more years of obama. kick it off with the one and only el rushbo, rush limbaugh. >> conservatism, in my humble opinion, did not lose last night.
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it's just very difficult to beat santa claus. it's practically impossible to beat santa claus. people are not going to vote against st. louis, especially if the a tern tiff is being your own santa claus -- alternative is being your own santa claus. country of children where the option is santa claus or work, what wins? >> eric: you know, rush puts it in a way a lot of people can understand. >> greg: but you can't beat santa claus. you take his clothes. that is how you expose santa claus. conservatives need to expand their tent, which but generally for the left that means channeling your inner julia. it's a way toward bankruptcy. mausoleum for dead culture. i am talking about expanding that you are ideas. two people that believe this is the way to go. dependency is the way to go. i say take santa's clothes, ez
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exposing the dependency as corrupt. i don't believe that people that voted for obama don't belief in achieving. i don't believe they don't believe in excellence. they need -- you know, we need to reach out as a conservative why the way they're going is working against them. >> bob: they also don't believe in dependency, believe it or not. the election being makers and takers is one of the most vastly overrated analysis of this campaign. 47% comes up. remember, huge chunk of that is people on social security and medicare who paid for their social cur security and medicare. when limbaugh says, that he is talking about people on welfare, i assume. mimicking the 47%. >> eric: 48% of all american households don't pay any federal income tax. therein lies the $regardless of what romney said about the 47%ers, there is another one right there. the 48% of the households that
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don't pay taxes. guess what happens when it's 50% or 51%? democrats will, or the people who give, take and give will be voted out. >> bob: what does it do with 48%? nothing. >> eric: what are you talking about? >> bob: that is result of the tax reform bill that bush did. he cut taxes across the board and cut taxes down to nothing on people making you were certain amount of money. >> eric: bob, the poverty levels and the tax rates have changed. they have moved. president obama as of december 31 wants to move them again. >> bob: he has not moved a single income tax bracket, obama. >> eric: he wants to. the only reason he hasn't, he couldn't. we were going, going to blow the debt ceiling apart and made a deal to not change the tax rates because they never said -- >> andrea: his own party wouldn't support it. >> eric: right. >> bob: wouldn't support what? >> andrea: tax increases. >> dana: so in 2010, when the republicans won all the seats, in the lame duck session of congress, president
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obama said this is not the time to increase taxes on anybody. the economy is not growing fast enough and we need small business owners to create jobs. nothing has changed between then and now except for the political outlook. unless he didn't believe what -- either he didn't believe what he said then, or he is trying to change the picture now. i agree with rush, i don't think conservatism lost, but i think that the republicans are completely out-campaigned. that i think is true. >> eric: president obama changed the level at which you can receive food stamps. he made it vastly easier to qualify for this food stamp program. santa claus. that is giving. take from people who pay taxes and giving -- >> andrea: when reagan took office, 29% of americans were getting some kind of government check. now it's 49%. social security was never intended to be a retirement program. if you remember at the inception. it's poised to go bust by the way. this is what happened. i think he was well organized.
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never expected him to turn out even more youth in 2012 than in 2008. he bought and secured michigan and ohio. with a $25 billion auto bail-out. think about the stimulus. what did the bulk of the stimulus go for? expanded food stamps, expanded medicaid. he created dependence through that. i mean he hired more government state workers. mostly in blue states. he went to bail out blue states. we got it will to show for that a far as economic growth. this is the new paradigm. dependency politics. unemployment rate doesn't matter. dependency rate. seductive political tactics. republicans used it. the greeks use it to get elected. look now. >> bob: you had an elec and you lost. you keep saying this is -- you had an election and you lost. you say this is buying people off. bail-out, did it help? of course. but you have a changing demographic you are going to have to deal with. >> eric: no doubt. no doubt. >> greg: that doesn't refute what she said.
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we know romney lost. but how do you respond to that? do you trick populist to think this is good for them to promise things you can't pay for and having greece? or educate them with the founding principles of the conservative party, individual freedom -- >> bob: $250 billion were tax cut stimulus. $250 billion? >> eric: quarter. about a quarter. sean hannity last night opened his first post-election show this way. >> americans, you get the government you want and deserve. it pains me to say this, but america right now deserves barack obama. four years ago the public could be excused for voting for obama because it was a blank canvas which people could draw whatever pictures they wanted. but not this time. barack obama had a record that we could judge him by and majority of americans barely over 50% looked at that record and decided they wanted more of the same.
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>> eric: sean puts it well. 50%, more of the same, has conservatives scratching their head. >> greg: look, there is demographics. how many white voters disappeared? where did they go? 12 million. where did they go? the republican party, they have to act like frito lay. you don't just make a bunch of doritos. you have to keep making them. they have to go out and find new people and branch out. again, be confident in the ideas. and go to the new constituencies. >> eric: a lot of people said, leading up to the election, ton-out matters. it turns out, turn-out did matter. what did romney do wrong not getting the turn-out? >> greg: >> they say we should have courted latino voters. the republican party could have -- george bush did more on immigration than president obama did. if you look at the demographics that everybody keeps talking about. how did obama reach out to demographics? he reached out to them through student loans, amnesty programs for younger hispanics.
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birth control is the biggest thing. for sandra fluke to have a primetime speaking role at democratic convention when unemployment is almost 8% would be absurd in the typical standards of politics but this was deemed brilliant. it worked. guess what we had? not just poor women saying i want free birth control, we had women who could afford birth control, suburban college educated women turn out and say i want free birth control. this dependency politics is now -- >> bob: how do you account for 20 years? >> andrea: the demographics and the republicans should have reached out to. >> bob: how do you cout for 20 years of the gender gap for single snell there has tsingle ? >> andrea: they didn't used to vote. now they are one issue voters. >> dana: women voters interestingly on aside from the take the single women out of it, on the married women and the few single women that did vote for him one thing they said they like about mitt
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romney the most is he was willing to work with the other side. it's baffling that president obama didn't have to work with the other side in the first two years. he is going to have to do it more now. spent $6 billion total on the election and je the status quo with the type of things to get done. strong republican majority in the house. strong democrat majority in senate and president obama. one thing we have, that is so powerful, we have a do-nothing congress. i don't need them. i'll do it myself. in the next four years he will be able to bake in the cake a lot of his policy and philosophy that will be impossible to get out. >> eric: this is a great interchange. conservatives don't see eye to eye on this. listen, to ann coulter. ann, laura ingram. >> i think romney ran on his own force of will, a magnificent campaign. i think he was the -- >> are you kidding me? you think he ran a magnificent
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campaign? >> yes. >> on what basis are you saying that? he got his clock cleaned. how can you conclude that? >> no, i said he did. i didn't say the campaign was magnificent. it was better than ronald reagan's. romney didn't -- >> what? >> they had to start inventing gaps out of thin air. >> eric: take it around. go this way. >> andrea: romney did run somewhat of a weak campaign in in the primary his argument was i'm the most electable. not exactly winning. he didn't really change the direction of the campaign until the first debate. having problems, criticized for not being tough enough. strategy was do no harm. again, you know, i see what ann is trying to do. she is trying to say don't blame romney for this. he could have been an hispanic female and i'm not sure he would have won it, too. they both make points. >> bob: i'm going wait to
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the commentators who are not all right wingers to come on. >> dana: we have you live. we have don't need anybody else. you are starting to see articles come out today from people anonymous on the romney campaign, and one of the things i saw was that they said they served him poorly. they gave him information that, especially in florida, they thought they had it and they didn't. so i think there will be a lot of monday morning quarterbacking. bottom line, campaign was certainly not good enough to win anything. hardly anything. today they concedeed florida. obama goes to re-election with 332 electoral votes, extremely decisive. he has a lot of clout. >> greg: the campaign is like buying a printer at staples. you know looks good in the box. slow to get started. once it started going it was pretty good. then near the end it got wiped out by hurricane sandy. >> eric: leave here, quickly, a long time fast you have watched the show, months ago i recommended eric
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bernstein who ran the campaign to step aside. after that, the obama camp rolling out of -- >> bob: would have made no difference. >> eric: we want to leigh you with dennis miller on o'reilly last night. things are so tough, so tough, miller had to make changes already. listen. >> i just want to tell you, give you the final word. this is no longer silk. my pocket squares are now paper towels. [ laughter ] >> eric: coming up, charles krauthammer has some controversial advice on republicans for amnesty for illegals question. we'll hear from the doctor when we come back. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] if it wasn't for a little thing called the computer,
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." republicans got crushed at the ballot box by latinos on tuesday. president obama won an overwhelming majority of the
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vote. our own charles krauthammer thinks it's time for the g.o.p. to maybe consider a limited version of amnesty. >> there is one exception here, which i think is hispanics. that is not an intrinsic eth thick affinity problem -- ethnic affinity problem. it's a policy problem. republicans can change their position, be a lot more open to actual amnesty with enforcement. everything short of citizenship. to make a bold change in the policy. enforcen't and immediately after, guarantee of ma'am necessity. that would change evening. rubio arguing that it would completely up-end all the ethnic alignments. >> greg, you remember during the primary season, newt gingrich came out, i thought, as the child of an immigrant with a pretty good plan, which was i think more moderate than romney and some of the others did. but is there a risk with this? i mean, okay, is that going to solve all the g.o.p.'s problems? i agree with krauthammer. is there a risk no matter who
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it is coming in, you go back to the dependency issue? >> greg: if you talk about amnesty you have to talk about -- you can't just talk about folks from mexico. you to talk about eastern european models, swedish au pairs. why is it always mexicans? this goes to the argument we have to expand the tent. people that talk about expanding the tent with the exception of krauthammer are people who don't like the tent. george stephanopoulos talking about, you know, the republican party should expand their tent. that is like a prison guard telling an inmate to expand your horizons because you spend so much time belittling those people you seek to expand. as for krauthammer, he is rarely wrong. j we sent greg's resume to rnc of swedish outreach director for 2016. what do you think about that? the g.o.p., you talk about it all the time. great bench, diverse bench
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showcasing the convention, didn't work. >> dana: no. i think that in a lot of ways what works is good policies. the republicans and can conservative seem to fail to do so far is convince people that smaller government is better government. and that there would be a safety net for people who would need it. but that the current system is holding people back from their own aspirations. when you have the shackles of government it's like running the marathon with lead weights on your ankles. you will be slowed down. that is something that republicans, conservatives cannot connect the dots on very well for people in the hispanic community. >> andrea: one thing i do think, eric, romney could have done better. critique, messageed. he was too weak. dependency in the end. he was talking about business owners, business owners, business owners but he forgot to talk about the workers that worked for business owners as much. could that have helped? >> eric: the left did a nice john demonizing for that, calling off the companies and
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people. but see it right there, the future of the g.o.p. the good news, as row pointed out, the bench is deep. couple of names. ted cruz, state senator now, u.s. senator. fantastic. hispanic, tea party, for smaller government. dane one of the smartest guy -- >> dana: one of the smartest guys. >> eric: i used to have him on my other show. fantastic. keep an eye on him. susanna martinez and marco rubio will garner a bigger percentage of the hispanic vote. which needs to happen next time around. mia love lost. allen west looks like he lost as well. bad, it's bad for the party. so clearly these three, the cruz, martinez and rubio, for me are the future of the party. >> andrea: bob, can i get you to react to george stephanopoulos? he made the point, the party -- we have been hearing this a lot -- too old, too white, too male. take a listen. >> give me your bottom line on the republicans now. we talked about the soul searching. what do they do next? >> soul searching, perhaps
2:21 am
civil war. you to look at the party right now, they won the popular vote only once since 1988 in the presidential race. and it was probably best summed up by al cardenes, head of the conservative union saying the party is too old, too white and too male. >> bob: there is a lot to that. make a point about this, you can't just dismiss 60 million people who voted for obama as dependency people. that's crazy. a lot of people are hard workers, small business owners and i would be -- it would be a disservice to them. the other thing about the hispanic issue. if ronald reagan was last republican to have a catch henceive immigration reform policy and it worked, and george bush could talk to hispanics and it worked. you're now letting the party be run by yahoos who talk their mouth off, rush limbaugh and the rest of the people who don't -- >> eric: how does rush run the republican party? >> bob: curious. you talk about big fences. >> eric: he's a radio host. not running the
2:22 am
right. >> bob: oh, he's not? >> andrea: dana, what do you think of stephanopoulos' comments in >> dana: in some ways you can look to 2004, when the democrats lost and they had the same -- you could play the same clip from somebody asking them what are the democrats going to do? they lost, they lost so badly. then president bush actually increases the majority and increases seats in the house and the senate. there was oh, my gosh, g.o.p. and majority. now republicans go through it. parties cycle. this is the psychowhere will the republicans are reaching bottom and they have to figure out a way to broaden it out. >> andrea: he talked about a civil war. that is always the talking point after a loss. there are civil wars in the democratic party, too, among the far left. >> dana: about to be one in the democratic party. >> bob: we should alter our pollty so take in account the -- policy to take in account the demographic. but 72% of the party is white and peak of the voting. how are you going to reach out to the other groups of americans who are not part of that? republicans just don't seem to
2:23 am
want to get in touch with them at all. >> greg: civil war is a war against culture. conservatives are fighting against, it's four against one. you the media, academia, entertainment, liberals. the republicans were able to get half of country to vote against all the odds. to me is pretty interesting. the next goal for them is to infiltrate. >> eric: another quick point. when you have john boehner and mitch mcconnell and mitt romney talking about immigration, immigration reform, it doesn't hold the water, the credibility when marco rubio or ted cruz or martinez does it, who has a better background and basis for making comments on it. that is why it -- >> bob: it's a question of policy. are they going to change policy? >> eric: they are the ones to do it. if you're romney with immigration reform. >> dana: in 1986, they passed the bill, the immigration bill because of the amnesty bill in 1986, republicans are the ones that passed that. ronald reagan signed it.
2:24 am
republicans lost seats in 1988. i don't know if that is the right rabbit to chase. >> bob: they increased percentage among hispanics. >> andrea: i still say no, matter what, amnesty, free healthcare, student loans. give, give, give. g.o.p., no quick fix and it doesn't see a harvard professor to see where it's going. coming up, the main stream media may not be totally to blame for the republican losses this week but they weren't fair and balanceed in the reporting. what should be done about it? we'll talk about it next on "the five." ♪ ♪
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>> dana: welcome back to "the five." we talked a lot about the media coverage of the campaign over the past little while. i'm in to it. this is one of your favorite topics, right? >> greg: what? >> dana: media bias. >> greg: i'm scratching. >> dana: are you still embarrassed because nobody understood your santa claus joke? >> greg: i meant pulling off the beard. not taking off the clothes. new sweater. you have to be magnanimous and i want to congratulate the media on hard-fought campaign. their guy won now. can we get answers on benghazi? can i say one thing? we talk about this before. we have said the republican party, they got to reach out, to blacks, hispanics to women. however, every time you won in a black republican, or you run in to a woman republican or hispanic republican, they're demonized by the media. they are mocked for leaving the fold. so there is no wonder. you guys say you have to widen the tent. but anybody tries to leigh
2:30 am
your tent, you crucify them, bob. it's your fault. >> bob: are you kidding me? did allen west win -- oh, sorry, he didn't. >> greg: you mocked him the moment you heard his name. >> bob: good reason. >> greg: he's a black conservative. >> bob: that's not why. >> greg: your black has to be liberal. >> bob: first, let me say i'm glad that you are picking up the pace here. on this table today, there is a little bit of sadness i think. greg, i appreciate you doing that. >> greg: tried to kick it up a notch. >> bob: you an your sweater. about time you got if your sweater. >> dana: back to my point. >> bob: the people in the most bias is right wing radio by far and away. >> dana: would you have said it was different in the past? i thought there was a definite change, i don't know. having been president bush's press secretary, i mean -- >> greg: i didn't know that. >> dana: you expected bad press. i talked to people on the campaign who felt -- on the romney campaign that felt it was different this year, maybe worse than ever. what do you think?
2:31 am
>> andrea: it was. think about that. the media was only engaged on benghazi when romney commented on it. then they were engaged and attacked him at a coordinated press conference. i'm not buying right wing radio is the most biased. that's saying msnbc is the most bias. >> dana: the pew research center said msnbc is most biased. >> andrea: there are opinion journalists and journalists that aren't supposed to be opinion. ones that are fair and balanced like steve croft had an interview with president obama. look what cbs decided to conveniently leave out of the interview. >> mr. president, this morning you went out of your way to avoid the use of the word "terrorism" in connection with the libya attack. >> right. >> do you believe this was a terrorist attack? >> it's too early to know exactly how this came about, what group was involved. obviously, it was an attack on americans. we are going to be working with the libyan government to make sure we bring folks to
2:32 am
justice, one way or the other. >> andrea: that clip made the cutting room floor. yes. that was the piece that candy crowley supposed to be pair and balanced jumped in to the debate to basically say he called it terrorism that first day. why would steve croft ask about it? the performance has been so abysmal. >> dana: can we getter rick in here? go ahead. was that your point? >> eric: the point, at one point we had done benghazi every single day. we still have. it had been 42 times we did it. every time we do it, we talk about benghazi and what is going on. main stream media, one of them is 22 times, one was 11. somewhere in between. we were clearly on a tren to -- trend to expose president obama hiding what is going on in benghazi. then that happened. then, for me, it was the exact turning point in the debate when candy crowley said no, mitt romney, you are wrong. president obama did call it terrorism. to this day he still hasn't said he called it terrorism. >> bob: romney didn't pick
2:33 am
up the mantle and run with it. he is the one to talk about it. don't give me a crap about main stream media. >> dana: had romney talked about it, benghazi would have become his problem and he would have looked bad. i'm not saying that would have necessarily happened but i think it was their calculation. >> greg: we'll talk about this, the next block. >> bob: benghazi? >> greg: you are going to love it. >> bob: oh, no. >> greg: i want to read a joke. jon stewart made a good joke last night. paraphrasing. good news for mitt, he won most of the confederacy. to me that is an entire summary of how the media portrays republicans. you are racist. i don't think there is anything worse that you can say about anybody. unless you call them a molester. but you are racist. that has had a significant affect on the way the republican party is portrayed in the media. >> bob: that is not right. that may be jon stewart but most democrats don't portray republicans that way. we don't believe it for a second. >> greg: you do. >> bob: i do not! >> greg: you haven't read my
2:34 am
pamphlets yet. >> andrea: we never heard of obama's fiscal cliff leading up to the election. >> dana: on the front page of the "new york times" today. coming up, the obama administration repeatedly blamed this american film-maker, right there, you see him, for attacksen in n libya and muslim riots in the middle east after september 11. now he is held in jail for a year. greg gutfeld has intriguing proposal for the president. it's worth sticking around for. be right back. ♪ ♪ 5-hour energy? 5-hour energy supports the avon foundation for women breast cancer crusade. so i can get the energized feeling i need and support a great cause? i'm sold. pink lemonade 5-hour energy? yeah and a portion of every sale goes to the avon foundation for women breast cancer crusade. i'm sold. new pink lemonade 5-hour energy. get the alert, energized feeling you need and
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6:00. now back to new york and five five. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: okay. so the guy behind the anti-muhammad film sentenced to a year in jail for violate progresprobation.
2:40 am
if it wasn't for the president pushing a premise that the unseen movie caused atrocity the guy would be free. yet the press still blames the film, rather free expression to protect the president. after weeks of pushing a lie and now that the election is over, maybe it's time to man up. it was planned terror. no spontaneous reaction to a film. you wrongly blamed him. that is why he is in jail. sure, he violated parole. we all do that. but we now know thanks to hillary you are going to lock him up anyway. who knows. yusef may have a defamation claim against susan rice. newspapers that perpetuated the baloney especially those that continued to. now that we know the video didn't cause the attack. rice would have some defense bus the truth ain't one of them. you got to say, mr. obama, being the first president to jail a citizen for art is the opposite of cool. your b.f.f., hugo chavez should be the model for your
2:41 am
second term. i know you probably want to help eric holder one at least one case. no one was investigating the guy's parole violation until you made him your fall guy in the election. congratulations, you won. now free the poor sap. what do you say, dana? dai >> dana: i think that's brilliant. i think it is the right thing to do. for many reasons. they wrongly accused him. he has been in jail for probation. nobody in california sits in jail for probation for a year. they don't have the room. president obama is the only one who has the power to do so. it would one, admit, that okay, they got it wrong. it would also maybe at that point, then the media might pay attention to it. >> greg: bob, could it be now that we are past the election coincidently the administration might do the right thing? >> bob: saying the right thing -- first of all, notion that you said in your monologue that obama was responsible for guy, this guy is responsible for drawing attention to himself. when you talk about art, you
2:42 am
call it art? >> greg: it is art. have you seen the stuff the left calls art? >> bob: i couldn't agree with you more. most of the stuff is on the extreme is terrible. but this guy drew attention to himself. parole violation -- >> dana: 300 people have seen the youtube video before hillary clinton said to tyrone woods' father they'd arrest the guy that made the video. when we know they knew at the time the video had nothing to do with it. the right thing is let him go. >> bob: how about letting everybody who violated probation go? >> dana: you don't see a difference in >> bob: no, i don't. >> greg: okay. the coolest rap sheet -- he is not watching. is bank fraud, using false identities. not a reliable character. a lot like you bob, ten years ago. but he is not in jail for that stuff. he's in jail because hillary said we'll put him in jail. she didn't say we are going to
2:43 am
kill these guys. >> bob: you think hillary clinton is responsible to put him in jail? >> dana: that is what she told the guy. >> eric: we'll find out. we'll find out because thank goodness because on october 15, they asked hillary clinton for answers on november # said by the way, we haven't had answers. hear the answers. yesterday said guess what? madam, secretary, of state, show up when we have question questions -- >> bob: you think she called the police? >> eric: hopefully she will show up and answer the questions. >> bob: you think she called the police and told them to pick him up? >> andrea: maybe she will resign before then. >> greg: i talk to a lawyer buddy of mine. susan rice, top candidate to succeed hillary clinton, is there a defamation suit against her in the deaf matory statement that identifies -- defa mashtory statement to identify filmmaker of the cup prit, publication of the statement and damages. went to jail. could he sue?
2:44 am
i don't know, i'm not a lawyer. >> andrea: i think he should sue. i don't think the obama administration will let him out. the problem is he did violate his parol. other parol officers are going i'll make a video. let me out of jail, too. but look, i don't think the policy of the administration is one of doing the right thing. i will point out that one, the documents won't be available. administration documents. oh, wait, it's when they are back in their district. i point out that the muslim brotherhood came out and made chastising statement. they embrace and welcome the muslim brotherhood. now they school us. policy is working, bob, to appease the radical arab world. >> eric: let's go, a big segment coming up. >> bob: all right. >> important one. >> greg: voters in two states chose to make it legal for anyone over 21 to smoke marijuana translation to potheads, what up?
2:45 am
group i have. where am i? later, dude. bob explains. ♪ ♪
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this is big guys. last night, colorado became the first state to legalize recreationm use of marijuana. [ applause ] you can tell colorado is weed friendly because they renamed the team the denver mcnuggets. >> bob: all right. jimmy fallen cracking a joke about the pot measure that was approved on tuesday. legalizing marijuana for everybody over 21. not just for medicinal purposes. i also passed in washington state. your son had a comment about this. >> eric: drive tok school on election day and he said what about gary johnson for president? i said where did that come from? he said i was reading facebook and a lot of facebook people like eric johnson. i said i know what is about. this is legalizing marijuana and pot. he goes well, now that you ask, why don't we legalize
2:50 am
pot? literally he said it would create re-knew. it would create business and re-knew. i'm like well, there are a lot of reasons why you wouldn't do it. first, it's hard. then what about smoking? smoking, you can smoke and drive, not impaired. but what about drinking? he kind of had me there. i really had to dig deep. here is the deal. there is a lot of drinking and driving and bad things that happen when you drink. there is no reason to put more of those people behind wheels. and killing of people. but also, pot is a gateway drug. it leads to heroin, leads to other things. there is nothing that drinking leads to. >> bob: take up that side of the argument. >> greg: for one thing, booze is legal and pot isn't is that booze got there first. society allows one intoxicant at a time. booze is a drag on society i'm living proof of that. it's easier for kids to get pot because there is no, you
2:51 am
don't show an i.d. easier for kid to go to the park and get a joint than kid to buy a six-pack. that is why more kids get high than are getting drunk. gateway drug, i don't think there is any credible evidence that a guy smoking dope does heroin. two different type of personalities. i don't believe you should legalize drugs to help the government get revenue. legalize drugs so everybody can get re-knew. >> bob: the interesting question i have, it's still against the law, right? federal statutes against marijuana. what do they do when people light up in colorado? feds move in? >> dana: three weeks ago we watched in green room they had a "60 minutes" piece on and saying in colorado when you go to whole foods. i don't know if you have been there. they have the olive bar. you can get the different olives. that's how it was in the pot store you could buy all different kind of pot. governor hickenlooper, the governor of colorado had to call in the u.s. attorney and say what are we going to do here? technically it is still illegal to do this. but yet, there is more
2:52 am
dysenterys of pot in colorado than starbucks. >> ericstarbucks >> andrea: you are an expert. tell us what you think about this. marijuana lobby is not as power as liquor lobby in washington, d.c. i say decriminalize it. it support it. it's a tradeoff. i think it can be a gateway drug but i am willing to accept that maybe more people will smoke marijuana and make bad decisions if the crime rate could go down. tradeoff i'm willing to take. >> eric: why stop at pot, then? why not criminalize. >> andrea: if you are going to legalize it, you have to make people responsible for decisions. what we have in new york is people who are hitting rock bottom on drugs and then we have to take care of them. that is the problem. they go too far, they burn out and go down the rabbit hole. taxpayer is stuck with the bill. they don't have a job, we have to pay for it. in rehab version to pay for it. >> bob: legalizing -- i'm not for legalizing drugs but
2:53 am
if you did it would clean up the mexican cartels overnight because they would not have the cash to continue to do it. >> eric: what do you legalize? might as well legalize cocaine then? >> bob: i'm talking about it. cocaine, heroin, marijuana. one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪
2:54 am
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>> eric: all right. time for one more thing. dana is going to kick it off. dade we have been hearing a lot about how america is so divided, nobody can get along. someone in animal kingdom showed they could. new show on pbs every weekend call "animal odd couples." watch isabelle talk about a baby deer and her great dane get along now. >> the thing that surprised me most is when they started to play. >> dana: bob, doesn't that give you great hope in the animal kingdom we can all get along? >> bob: yeah. sure. >> greg: this is disgusting. >> dana: this is great vide video. you would have put it on "red eye" if you found it first. >> greg: disgusting. >> dana: very cute. >> eric: andrea? >> andrea: in the middle of sandy and in the middle of the election, guess what the obama administration decided to do? they decided to get the public option in under the radar. and now, yes, the u.s. government is going to start sponsoring private helicoptehealth insurance.
2:58 am
what does it mean? two multistate exchanges to be able to compete with the private insurance. so, they don't have to abide by any regulations. they can offer lower premiums, so what is this going to do? what is going to drive out private ininsurance bye, bye, private insurance. guess who will pay for it? >> eric: transparency. i'll go quickly. the stock market has been down 434 points since president obama has been re-elected. stocks stay away from the coal stock, he doesn't like that. edoesn't like drilling. bonds, interest rates will l be zero. do homework on the municipalities and ones to buy quickly, healthcare, yes. obviously. gasoline, yes. builders are coming back. so many people are out of work, fast food. greg, you're up. >> greg: 25 years ago i had the honor of meeting my hero president ronald reagan at my boss' house in virginia. first thing i said to him when i shook his hand was -- [ stammering ] i was speechless. it didn't know what to say and i was petrified. 25 years later i had the honor
2:59 am
to speak at the ronald reagan library and giving a lecture november 26. you can go to reagan to register for free. i'll speak around 6:00 for an hourism don't know what i'll say. i thought it was the ronald reagan library. i thought there would be ballot types. i was wrong. >> dana: now you have to step up your game. >> eric: fantastic. >> andrea: what are you going to wear? >> bob: for those of you out there who took my comments about andrea being a pot head seriously, i know you're bummed out, but have a sense of humor. i don't think she used it in her life. it did, lots of it. i make jokes about it, as part of the whole thing about getting straight. i'm not going over what it was. say this, say this about ronald reagan. ronald reagan was an unbelievably good guy in politics and understood compromise. republicans, to call him their hero should take a page from his book. understand you don't get anywhere lisng


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